Any excuse to get together, be creative, & have a wonderful time making fun memories.
Whatever the occasion, put a unique spin on your special time & #PartyCREATIVELY with Brush of Creativity
Contact us to book your Paint Party, Workshop, Art Lesson or Fundraiser TODAY!

We Come to You, 100% Mobile or You pick a great location

Or you can have your event at one of our preferred restaurant or clubhouse location locations

Or attend one of our ongoing events (see schedule)

We have several exciting locations we hold events at monthly, as well as community fundraisers you can jump in on. And we can also build custom art lessons for you and your friends & family as well.

HOW BOC WORKS ... Paint Party Details

Guided Sessions - All attendees follow along on their own canvas as the host artist replicates a painting of your choice from our library. We specialize in building custom themes (min of 10 required for a custom party). You name it, we have partied in celebration of it, including divorces.

At a Glance, basic info needed:

Date & Time, all sessions are 2 hours unless arranged otherwise.
Party Theme / Subject
Location Desired
Ambiance (Music, Vibe, Breaks, Surprises)
Refreshments / Receptions (a 30 min Reception period can be budgeted in)
Lastly the variables in Pricing

That's It: Contact us by calling or text to 916-803-ARTS (2787), by email to info@brushofcreativity . com

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